Stridewright's main focus are in these areas;
*Connective Tissue Release (myofascial release) *Muscle Balancing *Hyoid Centering (How the skull sits vertical on the pole) *Barrel centering (off-centered barrels can make your horse feel like riding a 3 legged table, and/or look like one front leg is shorter than the other) *Hip Point Leveling *Visceral Tissue Release (Organs like, kidneys,liver, spleen, etc.) *Tracking (rear legs following correctly rather than slightly to the left or right) *Cadence (balanced and rhythmic hoof-beat) *Energy Work (release of stuck nerves, creating a better brain to muscle connection) Our work helps horses; * Develop exquisitely graceful equine movement * Deliver their absolute best at horse shows * Perform at their peak * Be more comfortable in their bodies * Bring joy to their owners  
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Structural Integration is not massage, or chiropractic. It is myofascial release. 
This therapy works with the fascia of the body.  And is a much more powerful therapy than massage or chiropractic therapies.
If you feel your horse isn't it's normal self or acting differently than usual and are questioning it's health and well being, contact Daniel with your concerns.

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Equine Structural Integration

Stridewright has been working in Western Washington for Equine Structural Integration Therapy since 2012.  Stridewright has been an ally in aiding equine health and wellness.