"Rolled Barrel" Before. 

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How do I know IF my horse needs body work?

How to check your horse for this condition;

  • Square the front legs.
  • Place the horse's head 'in line with the rest of the spine'.
  • Now give a visual inspection to the chest area.
  • Does the chest seem to be tilted more toward one leg than the other?

Horses barrels can be "rolled" in toward either leg.

  • Next, double check, this may take 2 people, one to hold the horse in the 'aligned' position.
  • Now feel for the center-chest-bone, (where the ribs meet in the center of the chest).
  • Place a finger on the center of the chest bone and have the person holding the horse look to see where the finger is positioned.

Is the finger closer to one leg than the other? Is the difference more than 1/2 inch? If it is more than 1/2 inch, and by gently 'rocking' the withers, does the natural position of the horses chest remain closer to one leg? If so, your horse may have a "Rolled Barrel".

I have heard many reasons for this condition the most popular is by Farrier's usual comments are... "One leg is shorter than the other" and sometimes they want to put a shim, between the shoe and the hoof.  Or if the horse is barefoot, they will want to try and have that hoof be 'taller'. 

This is a picture of a "Rolled Barrel".